Liz Faist is a photographer and mixed media artist from Northeast Pennsylvania. She became a Rostered Artist with the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts and the Northeastern Educational Unit 19 in 2004.

Faist has exhibited her work over the past thirty years at numerous museums and galleries throughout Pennsylvania and the Northeastern United States. She uses a variety of materials to explore both works on paper and three-dimensional pieces. Found objects and images are often the catalysts for inspiration. Her material selection is an integral part of her creative process. These found materials become symbols for personal narratives. These narratives aim to capture everyday moments. Faist believes that the process of creating art is as important as the product.  It is through the process of both gathering materials and creating art that she is able to self-reflect.

Throughout her career as a rostered artist with the PCA, Faist has conducted numerous creative aging residencies working with older adults. Many of these residencies provided arts programing to seniors living with Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Several of the residencies were long-term programs that were supported by grants from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts. In addition to working with seniors, Faist has had multiple residencies working with veterans throughout the northeast. Some of these residencies were multigenerational, providing the opportunity for different generations to create art side by side.

Collaboration has been a crucial component of Faist’s work and career as a teaching artist. In 2021, Faist had the opportunity to present with fellow rostered artists Jenny Hill and Dr. Catherine Richmond-Cullen at a virtual conference on Arts and Alzheimers provided by the Long Island Museum. Faist and Hill have been collaborating since the early 2000s.