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Teaching artists skilled in evidence-based practices demonstrate the art of teaching in and through the arts.  This module features Rachita Menon, a classical Indian dancer.

Creative Movements Using Bharatanatyam

The participants will learn to use their bodies as well as their minds and improve their flexibility, dexterity, and mobility. They will use hand gestures and body positions from Bharatanatyam, an ancient classical dance style that originated in the temples of Southern India.

This program (called “Natyacise”) will enable all participants to exercise in a creative fashion at their convenience while learning and understanding the cultural significance of this style from India. This program can be practiced in any open space with a yoga mat, and modified with a chair.

Artist: Rachita Menon

Art Form: Creative movements using Bharatanatyam (South Indian Classical dance) also called “Natyacise”

Materials: A yoga mat and a chair (if required for modifications).

This program can be practiced in any open space.